International legislation of the EU/EEA

The international legislation for the territories of the EU/EEA can be divided into two groups of legal bases that regulate the field of posting workers.

The first group of regulations regulates the procedure of carrying out the services itself, ensuring minimal standards that service providers have to guarantee to their posted workers, supervision and cooperation between supervisory bodies and their access to key information.

Two documents are particularly important for the first group: Directive 96/71/ES (stipulates minimum rights of workers) and Directive 2014/67/ES (stipulates the use and execution of Directive 96/71/ES).

The second group of regulations regulates the coordination of social security systems which defines conditions under which the rights acquired in the field of social security are retained also in case of work in another Member State. These rules also limit the time of work of a posted worker. In this field the relevant legislation documents are Regulation 883/2004/ES , Regulation 987/2004ES and Regulation 1231/2010/U (referring to citizens of third countries) (For the full names of the Regulations see below