Obligations of employers

Social Security – obtaining the A1 Certificate

Before posting workers to work abroad, the employer is required to obtain for each individual worker, in the Member State in which it is based, a certificate concerning the social security legislation which applies to the holder (Certificate A1).

Registering the beginning of providing services

Before starting to provide services, the foreign employer is required to register with the Employment Service of Slovenia (ESS) and provide information about:

  • the company name and seat or the address of the employer;
  • the name and date of birth of the responsible person for the employer;
  • the names, dates of birth and citizenships of the posted workers and the addresses of their residences in the RS;
  • the type of service;
  • the location and duration of performing the service;
  • the name and date of birth of the stated posted worker who will be a liaison between the foreign employer and the competent supervisory bodies and the person requiring service, when appropriate.

A foreign employer can register the beginning of providing services online (available in Slovenian) or in writing; he must send the written registration form, together with all the relevant information, to the following address:

Zavod RS za zaposlovanje

Rožna dolina, cesta VI/7

1000 Ljubljana


Link Location

The ESS issues a receipt of the completed online or written registration.

Guaranteeing rights

Foreign employers are required to guarantee rights to their workers for the duration of their posting to the RS in line with the regulations in the RS and the provisions of the branch collective agreement that regulate working hours, breaks and rest, night work, minimum annual leave, salary, health and safety at work, special protection for workers and guaranteeing equality if this is more favourable for the worker.

In the case of services that are not part of the industry, a deviation is allowed:

  • regarding providing minimum annual leave and the salary in the case of temporary started works that are a constituent part of the contract of providing the goods and are carried out by experts employed by the provider as long as they last no more than eight working days;
  • regarding providing the amount of salary, if carrying out the temporary work of posted workers is not longer than one month in a single calendar year.

The following legislation prescribes the basic scope of the aforementioned minimum rights of workers with which foreign employers are required to comply in guaranteeing the rights for their posted workers:

Obligations to supervisory bodies

A foreign employer is required to ensure that when he posts his workers to the RS, the following documents are kept on the location where the activity is carried out and can be provided for inspection at the request of the supervisory body: a copy of the contract between the client and the service provider, or a copy of the act of posting and its translation into Slovenian; a certificate of submitted registration of the provision of services; copies of employment agreements and their translations into Slovenian; copies of payroll lists; register of presence; proof of wages paid out or copies of equal documents for all posted workers; and A1 Forms.