Posted workers

As defined in the Treaty on European Union, along with the free movement of persons, goods and capital, the free movement of services is one of the four basic freedoms necessary for the working of the EU internal market. The free movement of services means that a company or a self-employed person that fulfils the conditions to provide a certain service in their own country can provide this service anywhere within the EU and EEA Member States. An employer can post an employee to another country so that he or she can, within the frame of providing that service, do work for the employer there (posting of a worker to work in another country).

For whom is this website intended?

The website is intended for the largest possible scope of public special interest groups (workers, employers, relevant public servants). The website aims to provide easily searchable and relevant information about postings to and from the Republic of Slovenia (hereinafter RS) and to provide greater transparency of the rights and duties in the situation of posting of workers.


Definition of posted workers

Directive 96/71/ES defines a posted worker as a worker who, for a limited period of time, carries out his/her work in the territory of a Member State other than the State in which he or she normally works.

Types of posting

  • the posting of workers to the territory of a Member State on their account and under their supervision, under a contract concluded between the undertaking making the posting and the party for whom the services are intended;
  • the posting of workers to an establishment or to an undertaking owned by a group in the territory of a Member State;
  • when an undertaking or a placement agency hires out a worker to a user undertaking established or operating in the territory of a Member State.

Postings in numbers

The A1 Certificate, issued by the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZZZS), is also a statistical indicator of postings from Slovenia. The number of issued A1 Certificates indicate the number of postings, but not the number of posted workers in any individual year.

The data about postings to Slovenia from the EU and EEA Member States are obtained from the registration of the commencement of providing service, submitted to the Employment Service of Slovenia.


A1 Certificates were issued by the ZZZS in 2015. Around 61.000 of those were for work in Germany, 35.000 for work in Austria and 6.500 for work in Italy.


workers were posted to work abroad in 2015. Some several times.