Online manual

The e-manual for workers, employers and competent public servants wishes to increase accessibility, transparency and coherence of information about posting workers for different target groups: workers, employers and competent public servants. It brings general information about posting workers to Slovenia and from Slovenia (types, general conditions and rules for postings), insight into legislation (international within the EU and Slovenian with the emphasis on the Directive 96/71/ES and Directive 2014/67/EU in the field of posting workers) and practical guidance for workers and employers as well as the responsible public administrators. This is the first manual covering such a broad scope of objectives and themes in the Slovenian space, but of course it cannot capture and present all the aspects of postings. The manual was created on the basis of publicly accessible sources (legislation, reports, studies, websites, media reports etc.) and a number of other materials, suggestions, recommendations we received from colleagues who were working on the project. Available only in Slovenian.

The manual was created in the frame of the project Posting of workers: Sharing experiences, promoting best practices and improving access to information, co-financed in part by the European Commission in the framework of the EU programme Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) and the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal opportunities of the RS. 

Manual download - in Slovenian (pdf, 479KB)


Expert report on Posting of Workers has been published as part of the project Posting of workers: Sharing experiences, promoting best practices and improving access to information. The report summarises and reflects on a variety of issues relating to the process of posting of workers that were discussed at the transnational events held within the framework of the project. These debates are combined with an extensive literature review in order to define the existing and emerging challenges regarding the posting of workers in the EU. Based on the findings, the report provides some recommendations to inform the policy dialogue in Slovenia and other EU countries, and outlines further research possibilities relating to the issue of posting of workers.

Expert report (pdf, 518KB)